Microlocs, Original Origin and Info

Original Defination


By now there is a plethora of “definitions”, but originally it had a specific description for its’ meaning. The original definition for “Microlocs” was one that described small, interwoven locs. This “Microloc” name and subsequent branding was spearheaded by Jessyca Marshall, the owner of Naturally Beautiful Hair Care   starting in 2008 in Brooklyn, NY as a less restrictive and innovative alternative.

These Microlocs were primarily started with an interwoven method, and could range in sizes (micro to medium/large. Larger sizes were generally termed interlocks). The sizes did not have specific designations, unless necessary or if specifically requested, and could fall anywhere in the micro-small size categories.

The premise behind the Microloc branding was to provide a less restrictive alternative to what was currently on the market that consisted of innovative techniques, a free ability to use a wide range of tools and products (without the limiting restrictions and legal ramifications of the competitive brand), and the incorporation of inventive techniques (like extensions and re-attachments) that broadened the options on the market.

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How it really differs

Although many have tried to explain the differences between Microlocs and Sisterlocks, the original definition of Microlocs made the differences mainly based on the patented tool and system of the Sisterlock business brand. The Sisterlock brand specifies the use of their patented tool and training system (which includes its grid sizing, locking technique, and multiple rotations, among other things) done by one of their certified professionals to create their small locs as the requirement for locs to be considered “Sisterlocks”.

Microlocs have become a term that many have used to distinguish their locs from those that do not technically fall within the legal business definition of “Sisterlocks”, with some of their practitioners using the word to describe locs that they create or maintain without the use of the Sisterlock tool. There have been reported mixed results to doing this, as it can create confusion in clients. Additionally, other tools have been used to create “Sisterlocks”, especially some popular tools on the market for hair locking and in doing so technically make the locs not “Sisterlocks” according to its’ own business definition and branding.

Tools and Sizing

Microlocs are not limited to a size or tool, although there are tools and sizing that are ideal for specific results. There is also an ideal method to start Microlocs, based on the original definition and branding, that create the most strength, consistency and refinement. It’s important to understand how Microlocs are defined, created, and maintained, including preferred tools and systems. If you are seeking to find a professional, this is especially important to know so that you are aware of the method, tools, systems, and maintenance routine.

Since so many now have defined Microlocs differently and in their own ways, there have been many that have started and/or maintained them with methods that aren’t necessarily recommended for best results long term such as two strand twist and braids.

Going to a certified professional is one of the best ways to ensure consistency in results. You can check for a Microloc Mastery certified professional, or learn how to become a listed professional yourself, at http://www.MicrolocDirectory.com.

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