should I get the Microloc Mastery Training instead of sisterlocks?

Microloc Mastery trainings are a bit different in structure. The aim is to provide a widely applicable training that gives freedom and focuses on results. It is designed to address a plethora of needs in the market with numerous innovations that often go beyond the limits of other branding, including Sisterlocks.

To start, there are no limiting contracts to tools and systems. With Sisterlocks, you are contractually obligated to use their tool and system if you are saying you are doing Sisterlocks. This can, and has, reached legal ramifications in court over the years for those who broke compliance.

If you decide to use different tools that work better for you, a decision would have to be made to either use in secret, or call your locs something else. Hence, why “Microlocs” terminology have become so widespread and seen more often across brands.

Our founder spearheaded the term “Microlocs” in 2008 with no original affiliation to the Sisterlock brand, and has created numerous platforms and innovations for Microlocs including creating Microloc Extensions, reattachment, and other hair loss solutions along with dozens of online Microloc training, educational, and support websites.

Sisterlocks does not include any added hair/extensions info, training or support formally.

Additionally, Microloc Mastery is online based, 24/7 access from anywhere in the world, includes all supplies and hair locking tool shipped directly to students, regular live group video calls, and Facebook groups. We also host free versions of our trainings with the goal of giving everyone the ability to have access to helpful information. It is completely innovative using technology to give students information and knowledge anytime, for a lifetime.

Perhaps this is why a large number of our students and professionals come to us from already have taking the Sisterlock trainings. They continue to seek information, freedom, and expansive knowledge.

Although Sisterlocks is “worldwide around the globe”, Microloc Mastery was birthed out of the needs and gaps they could not address, as well as compliment those who do have other loc trainings. It is not designed to force people into choosing, or pigeon hole them.

Microloc Mastery Online Training and Certification officially launched in 2020. It is not expected to have the same reach or numbers as Sisterlocks. In fact, it is purposely created to be different in ways that matter. Although we are newer, we do have students and graduates across the US and in 4 countries, including Canada. They may not always be listed on the directory, which also serves as an optional tool for marketing, and not an inclusive list. We also open the directory to students of some of our free courses as well.

We understand if this is not right for you. There should not have to be a choice between one or the other. Education, knowledge, and the refinement of skills is the focus. Not a forced allegiance or binding loyalty that in the ends limits you.

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